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- Total Shoulder Arthroplasty with Exactech GPS. English subtitles.
Rémi Charvet, MD.

Presentation of GPS from BlueOrtho Exactech: the only system capable of planification and navigation: it delivers an accuracy of two millimeters and one degree to improve the position of the glenoid implant (standard and augmented baseplates). Particularly in complex cases with severe retroversion, severe glenoid wear or a very narrow glenoid vault, navigation can ensure optimal placement and fixation of the implant to reduce the risk of complications. Some cases, even simple at fist glance, have very little margin for error and given the demands that today's patients place on their implants, it is up to surgeons to maximize outcomes and durability using modern navigation technology. Furthermore it’s a dynamic system which allows appropriate gestures, for example, ream the glenoid step by step in different axis until the perfect position.

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Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Exactech GPS. English subtitles.
Rémi Charvet, MD. Shoulder surgeon. Grenoble, France.